Throughout the year at Todo Niños, we conduct a variety of events, which are very special days for the children, in which parents are often invited to take part with your children.


The children sing, dance, recite poems, put on skits, plays, dress up and, above all, have a great time.

At Christmas, we create an atmosphere of joy for the birth of baby Jesus, and in the summer we put on a festival, rewarding the children for finishing the school year well and for all of their efforts.

During rehearsals for the shows, we work on the skills of effort and accomplishment, as well as learning to get over shyness when singing, dancing and speaking in public.

In these types of activities, the whole class works together towards a common goal, so we have a team challenge in which coordination, respect and, of course, helping our classmates who need it is key.


Each term we teach the children age-appropriate prayers, and during the month of the Virgin, in May, we invite the parents to pray with us. The children bring flowers to the Virgin and then we all sing a very pretty song together.


One of the key objectives at Todo Niños is that the children are happy to come to school and that they enjoy learning. That way, the children are sure of themselves and there is an atmosphere in which they can give the best of themselves. One of our motivational resources are the "Wonderful Fridays". With them, some Fridays are set aside for the children to have a special day, and each one is different (costumes, snacks, cooking, etc.)