Letter to parents

Dear Parents,

Todo Niños was established in 1988 to provide children between the ages of 1 and 6 with an education in happiness and values.

The pillars that support Todo Niños Nursery School include:


Our primary goal is to ensure that the children are happy while they are with us, that they want to come to school, that they have fun and enjoy while they learn, providing them with a happy and caring environment and making them feel loved by everyone at TODO NIÑOS NURSERY SCHOOL.
There is very much an air of family at our centres, in touch with both the families and the children, providing the latter with the security and trust they need to develop their personality, and also to face the challenges of the future.
On this foundation and through constant POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, we provide the optimum environment for each child to to bring out the best in themselves.


We constantly strive to prepare new generations of well-educated men and women, with principles and values.
It is important to us that they leave Todo Niños N.S. with a solid foundation in English and good preparation in reading, writing and maths in Spanish for their future in primary school, but it is even more important that they be good, well-mannered children, with an all round mature character.
A good education is the best inheritance that we can leave to our children. All of this is fundamental, especially today, in the times they are living in, in a dehumanised society, lacking in manners and values, in which children receive too much information from so many and such a variety of channels (television, adverts, the Internet, etc.).


The most prestigious psychologists and educators in the world today state that the first 7 years of a child’s life determine their future development and abilities. During this stage, children’s brains are in the best condition to achieve solid learning while at the same time laying the foundation for success at school.
During these years, for example, if we want our children to be tidy, we must instil that in them each day. If we want them to be well-behaved children, we teach them good manners. If we want them to have a good personality, we must guide them and teach them, leading by example to be happy and positive.
So let’s take advantage of these fundamental years to bring out the best in each of our students and discover their potential and skills in order to aid their early years development from a very young age.
Personalised attention is essential in reaching this objective, respecting the pace of each student and respecting their uniqueness. We must “listen” to what each student has to say and be fine tuned to their needs at each stage of their evolution.


To achieve all of this, we believe that it is essential for the families and the school to work together in education. That’s why we are constantly in touch with the parents and we keep them involved at all times.
Children learn not only knowledge but also behaviour from their parents and teachers, so CONSISTENCY AND COORDINATION between families and Todo Niños is essential. With these foundations, together we can generate goals, objectives and plans for improvement. (In the interviews at our centres, we explain in detail the tools we use to achieve this relationship with the families).
We also provide constant guidance to the parents to help them in this beautiful yet difficult educational task, which requires constant training.
At Todo Niños Nursery School we also practice Catholicism, with short prayers during the daily routine.
Invoking these basic principles, we ensure that, during their time at Todo Niños, the children spend years of harmony and happiness, maturing in an environment of safety and trust, and, of course, providing them with excellent preparation for their future schools.
We would be delighted to invite you to an interview at one of our schools, where we can detail our ideology and methodology.

Sincerely, Marta y María Riva de Aldama, and the team at Todo Niños Nursery School.

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