Mi hijo Álvaro está feliz yendo a la guardería y eso como madre lo notas en el momento que observa como mira a sus profesoras con carita de admiración. Y como quiere compartir con ellas cada cosa nueva que le sucede, como un juguete, o contarles como se lo ha pasado el fin de semana. El cariño y la dedicación por parte del profesorado es del 100%, pues te sorprende como llegan a conocer a tu hijo en las reuniones tutoriales aparte de informarte diariamente de lo sucedido con él. Es de apreciar todas esas actividades fuera de la guardería como son: visitas a museos o asistir al teatro con ellos. La verdad es que no solo a Alvaro le va a costar su siguiente paso al colegio sino que como padre o madre tb será un proceso duro de adaptación. Y esperamos tener esa cercanía de las profesoras con los padres. Pues es de gran apoyo en la educación de tus hijos.
Catalina Bernal
My experience at Todo Niños has been EXTRAORDINARY. I have three children, and all three have gone to Todo Niños Aravaca (two are still there). The team of professionals make the children feel at home, providing them with a "comprehensive" education in the broadest sense of the word. It goes without saying that it is a great pleasure to see the children run to their classes and have to call them back to give them a kiss! We also enjoy it a great deal when you show us, through photos, the different activities that our children participate in. We love seeing them in their day-to-day activities! As a mother, I am infinitely grateful to the team at the school for paying attention to the personal needs of each of my children -all three very different- to give the best of themselves. They always respond professionally and very affectionately to any concern we have, no matter how small. They are always there, without set hours, and with the best smiles. I think all of us in the family will remember this stage at Todo Niños as a wonderful time. Thank you.
Cristina Arsuaga
Happy, at ease and proud of having chosen "Todo Niños". It is a highly organised school, with friendly treatment and constant information, both about day-to-day activities and as the children advance in the curriculum. Their flexibility is also worth mentioning, which is essential for working parents. But the best part, without a doubt... is that our daughter goes happily and calmly every Monday, calling out to her friends and to the watchful teachers right from home.
María Romero
What I like most about our school are the soiled uniforms. It may seem silly, but when we went to Todo Niños for the first time, I was delighted to see the naturalness, the human side of the Todo Niños project. Teaching isn't robotic, there is no great technology for the future aeronautical engineers of tomorrow… There is a smile every morning, murals with painted hands and the smell of the lunch room when lunch time comes round. There is a hand-written diary each day that you keep like a treasure for when your children are older. That is a value that I want for my children, that they have fun learning now while they can. There will be time later to try to be better, to be frustrated and to fight for their place. Now it's time to soil the uniform with paint, sing songs and learn the foundations of what our little ones will become tomorrow.
Enrique Comba
As a father, you want your children to be happy, you want them to be well cared for, and you want them to receive the best education for their future. At Todo Niños, you will find these three pillars, and much more. When I saw that my son was happy to go to school, he came home happy, and he wanted to tell me about all the wonderful things he did there, I knew I had made the right choice. All of that is adorned with an unbeatable education in values, personalised treatment, and fluid communication with the parents.
Iñigo Hervias
My children have gone to Todo Niños since they took their first steps, and I have nothing but words of affection and thanks for the team of wonderful professionals there. Not only because they have always made them feel like they were at a second home (my eldest son wanted to invite his teachers to his birthday party each year), but also because of the excellent education they have received. It is fascinating to see them read, write and work mathematical operations with enthusiasm and great interest at just the age of 5. Thanks to all of them for making us feel so comfortable!
Adriana Benguría
The children are happy when they go to Todo Niños, and they learn new things every day. The whole team is very affectionate and very professional, and they offer highly personalised follow-up on each child.
Alicia Lopez-Tejero
Today, I can assure you that I made a great decision when I chose Todo Niños for the education of my daughter Maria. She began at the age of 1 and watching her evolve over the years in all areas that are important to parents -values, education, learning- has been a pleasure, satisfaction and peace of mind. There is no greater peace of mind than watching your child grow up happy.
Ágata Sancho
Todo Niños has been wonderful! We have been extremely pleased with the kindness of the staff, the individual attention they have given to our sons, and also their emphasis on communication with parents. Our boys became comfortable with the bilingual environment very quickly and have been very happy at Todo Niños. We attribute their quick adjustment and prolonged contentment to the attention of their teachers and the family-like feel of the school. Our sons are learning and developing well and they are happy. My husband and I could not be more pleased and are very glad we made the decision to send them to Todo Niños.
Emily Biddulph