Cristina Arsuaga

My experience at Todo Niños has been EXTRAORDINARY. I have three children, and all three have gone to Todo Niños Aravaca (two are still there). The team of professionals make the children feel at home, providing them with a “comprehensive” education in the broadest sense of the word. It goes without saying that it is a great pleasure to see the children run to their classes and have to call them back to give them a kiss! We also enjoy it a great deal when you show us, through photos, the different activities that our children participate in. We love seeing them in their day-to-day activities! As a mother, I am infinitely grateful to the team at the school for paying attention to the personal needs of each of my children -all three very different- to give the best of themselves. They always respond professionally and very affectionately to any concern we have, no matter how small. They are always there, without set hours, and with the best smiles. I think all of us in the family will remember this stage at Todo Niños as a wonderful time. Thank you.

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