Educational guidance

Communication between the parents and the school is essential at all stages, but especially during early childhood.

Children learn not only knowledge, but also behaviour from their parents and teachers. Educating requires CONSISTENCY AND COORDINATION, which is why Todo Niños Nursery School and parents work together.

At Todo Niños N.S., we have always paid attention to this aspect and it is something that has always set us apart.



Advice on children’s daily problems (jealousy, disobedience, eating, tantrums, sleeping, etc.) with very positive teaching. We have a wide variety of our own “Motivational Resources” at Todo Niños that we use for support when providing positive reinforcement and stimulation for children. We would be delighted to explain them to you in detail in an interview at our centres.


We offer you a series of resources such as: reports drafted by us and sent home in both English and Spanish, teachers who meet with parents each day, meetings with parents in which we draw up plans for improvement or goals for your child… and much more.


From the moment they begin school with us, we observe the child each day in each of the areas of learning, evaluate their development and improve their skills. Moreover, this stage is the most important for detecting possible problems (delay in psychomotor skills, attention deficit, behaviour, language, learning pace, etc.) that make it difficult to transition to their respective schools and could lead to possible academic failure. If we detect any type of difficulty, we inform parents at meetings and we have an educational psychiatry support department headed by Ms Soledad Sanz, a clinical psychologist, who observes and works on these guidelines.


We organise conferences during the school year that parents are invited to attend to learn about important subjects (rules and limits, emotional development, day-to-day problems, etc.) that will later help in this beautiful but difficult task.


Educación personalizadaHighly personal attention to students is important at Todo Niños Nursery School. We respect the pace of each child, their possibilities and their difficulties. It is not a uniform education.

Recognising singularity means opening the way for each child to express who they are in their own, original way. To do that, it is important to listen to them. Listening means showing interest in understanding (even if the children sometimes do not yet talk) what they like and their feelings and trying to understand their experiences and feelings. This attitude by the educators gives them a great deal of security and confidence, as the children realise that they really are important to those around them and they are loved just as they are.

One tool we use to get to know and listen to each child is the “assembly” or “discussion circle” that is held each day at all ages.