The two pillars which support our Ideology are ‘Human Education’ and ‘Religious Education’.

At Todo Niños, we provide an environment in which, depending on their age, students practice charity and social volunteering. At Christmas, for example, we work each year with different foundations to send toys and school supplies to children in the third world.

We believe that fostering a sense of ethics and social responsibility from a young age will help them to be good people throughout their lives and to understand that helping others is a great source of happiness, as well as a need in the generation that they live in, where, unfortunately, there is so much inequality.

We believe that educators must shape responsible personalities, with an integrating, tolerant, respectful attitude that sees diversity as a positive, fundamental factor in establishing interpersonal relationships in a globalised world.

Two of the goals of education are socialisation and autonomy, preparing our children to join society with a critical conscience. That is why it is important to generate appropriate attitudes, values and habits from a very early age.


TODO NIÑOS NURSERY SCHOOL is a Catholic centre, where we try to teach children about the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus through simple prayers. We say a prayer in the morning and bless the table. Christmas is especially important to us, as is the month of the Virgin, in May. The children bring flowers and every Friday in May, in the garden, we sing a song to the Virgin (an event to which parents are invited to attend).


Our education aims to transmit values (generosity, respect, solidarity, joy, effort, obedience, thankfulness, etc.). The educator transmits values, present in all activities and also leading by example. Moreover, in our monthly programming, each age is taught a different value in more detail. (For example, the month we work on the value of obedience, we read to them and tell them stories such as “Little Red Riding Hood” or “The Seven Little Goats” and we teach them the moral of the story).


These are types of conduct acquired consciously and subconsciously through the repetition of the same action. Through that repetition, over time, by around the age of 7, they become VIRTUES. At Todo Niños Nursery School, we try constantly to include the habits of order, proper manners, eating, hygiene, cleanliness, etc., adapted to the evolutionary stages of each child, with a consistent, firm and constant attitude.


Although there is a certain significant genetic factor, their personality and character are formed at these ages. We continuously guide parents to help them prevent tantrums, capriciousness, etc.