At Todo Niños, we believe thinking is as important as doing. Our teachers and administrators, just like our students, view reflection as a critical part of the learning process. They continually ask questions, keep abreast of education issues worldwide, and refine their teaching to integrate best practices.


At Todo Niños N.S., we want all of the members of our staff to be very affectionate, with a passion and natural affinity for their job and that they share our ideology. Of course, they must also be properly trained.

The English team is made up of native teachers trained in preschool education.

The Spanish team is made up of teachers qualified as specialists in Preschool Education.

The Administrators are educators and educational psychologists, who are also mothers.

• Member of ACADE (Autonomous Association of Education Centres)
• D.F.E.S (British Department for Education and Skills)
• Pioneers with Baby Einstein and the Jolly Phonics Programme