Going to school is a major change for children. It involves leaving the family environment, where children play a particular role, with a particular way of communicating and with a space they are familiar with, and entering another world, where their relationships are extended, with new adults and new children, as well as a new space.

This is a major step in the life of the child, and this change will increase their personal independence and their degree of socialisation. It is also a necessary step in learning that changes can be very good.

That’s why at Todo Niños we are highly aware of how each child adapts, and of the pace of each one at this stage.

How we work at Todo Niños so that the adaptation is very positive and favourable for the children:

In September, we give a presentation for parents, just before our centres open. During this presentation, we give you certain guidelines to ensure the best adaptation for the children, we remind you what you need to bring to school on the first days, we present the Spanish tutor and the English teacher, and we explain our methodology in both languages.

When the children arrive at school, we receive them at the door with great joy and affection, so that they feel loved and motivated.

At the centre, we dedicate time to each child so that they adapt to the routines naturally and harmoniously.

Our main objective is that from their arrival and throughout the entire school year, the children are provided with an environment with a lot of affection and protection, and that this change, in turn, leads to maturity and a feeling of accomplishment. That is why the people with whom they will begin a relationship in this new stage (teachers and administrators) are so important, becoming positive references and keys in their development.